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601: Garnishing the Fed’s Wages When it Defaults on its Debt

Ryan and Teen (@mont_jiang, Plan A Magazine, Escape from Plan A podcast) discuss everyone's favorite hashtag, #MMT

Mecha Madness 1: Gundam

Ryan and Josh kick off the Mecha Madness miniseries with an important question: Is Char Aznable Space Hitler or Space Stalin?

Josh's plug:

514: “I have no plan to solve anything” w/Minion Death Cult

Alex and Tony of Minion Death Cult join us to delve into the wild world of libertarian thought.

If I sound weirdly quiet at the beginning it's because I had to re-record some lines. If I sound normal then it's because the recording actually went perfectly and there were no technical issues.

513: Laundering Money in the Big Dumbass Rectangle

Kris and Ryan talk big stupid ugly buildings

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We have a new "open borders communism" shirt design: Merch site

512: This is a Robbery, Beach

Illegal mining/sand mining

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Check out the new Wano Open Borders Communism shirt design:

511: Turning into a Witch is a Voluntary Choice

Ryan and una (@trewbot) discuss Mahou Shojo Madoka Magica

510: Ecocommunist Utopia

Kris and Ryan do a little bit of imagining what an ecocommunist utopia might look like. Absolutely nothing wrong with that

509: Not Even Demon Slayers Can Afford to Live in the City!

Kris and Ryan talking about freaking political economy and freaking anime!

508b: Joke-o Wi-Dodo

Part 2 of our Indonesia episode, freed from the shackles of the paywall since it's an important subject

508a: Suharto Darkness

Kris walks us through a brief history of Indonesia as a background to the current unrest.

Show Notes

Note, there are some audio issues with this episode, so your phone is fine.

Apologies to Alexander of Minion Death Cult for getting his name wrong!