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304: Doing Business Deals to Make Crystal Balls for Evil Wizards

Room 641A // Being a cool Guy Fawkes internet dork // Volkswagen gets labor activists arrested & tortured // A spy chip no bigger than Ben Shapiro


Show notes

209: Peeter da Bo$$ and A$$alt Ryfle rap about the new$

Adorable Billy Gates is adorably insulated from the reality of capitalism by the billions of dollars he has. Amazon is building Ancapistan one small business at a time. Pieter and Ryan discuss the correct classification of Pizza. There's some other stuff we talk about, okay I'm going to the bar now bye.

203: Jack Benzos, Boy Genius

In this episode we learn what's up with that crazy guy that owns Online WalMart™

The early life of Jeff Bezos

The Life of Jeff Bezos

The Inner Bezos

Josh and the Warshington Post