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413: Neighbor Science Pot Luck (live in Czechochechnyoslovenoslovakia)

Chloe (@shtpostscarcity)
Reed (@wingulls_r)
Trew (@trewbot)

Plan A/Neighbor Science Crossover: Do We Hang w/Yang Gang?

We join Teen (@mont_jiang) and Jay (@LithiumMano) from Escape from Plan A to talk about the president elect of memes and $1000 checks, Andrew Yang.

Show Notes

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310: If you’re by yourself is it called a “onesome”?

I poked my head out from my depressive video game hole long enough to record a new episode for youse. Kris was too busy to do the podcast this week, so it's just me, Ryan.

Topics: Host bios // When will the collapse happen? // Private ownership of the MoP // Will automation displace us? // Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

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