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304: Doing Business Deals to Make Crystal Balls for Evil Wizards

Room 641A // Being a cool Guy Fawkes internet dork // Volkswagen gets labor activists arrested & tortured // A spy chip no bigger than Ben Shapiro


Show notes

230: Corporations are Fetal States

Ryan had to go to a wedding this weekend, so we couldn't do an episode this week. Instead we're releasing this old episode about corporations as organs of the state. I haven't listened to it since February, so it could be awesome or terrible. Let me know, unless it's not good, in which case just tell me you liked it anyway.

214: Capital as Power 1: Why CasP/What is Capital?

The first of our Capital as Power (CasP) series, where we begin with why CasP is needed and how it defines capital. If there was anything that was unclear or that you think was incorrect, you can DM me @HandleOfRy.

Capital as Power by Shimshon Bichler and Jonathan Nitzan

202: Industrial Ecology

Industrial ecology is the study of industrial systems through the lens of ecology. We go over a book that I've had on the subject for a while, and a few articles from the journal Industrial Ecology.

3D Printing and Industrial Ecology

The Ecolabel Fable

Adapting Stand-Alone Renewable Energy Technologies for the Circular Economy through Eco-Design and Recycling

Corals May Have a Taste for Dangerous Plastic