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508b: Joke-o Wi-Dodo

Part 2 of our Indonesia episode, freed from the shackles of the paywall since it's an important subject

508a: Suharto Darkness

Kris walks us through a brief history of Indonesia as a background to the current unrest.

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Note, there are some audio issues with this episode, so your phone is fine.

Apologies to Alexander of Minion Death Cult for getting his name wrong!

420: Stealing Bouillon for the Global Souperpowers

An episode about pirates, with a return appearance by our favorite drunken sailor, Soyboi of the Deep (@halfasstroknot)

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418: Colonialism is when you wear khakis

Belt and road initiative. With Trewbot (@trewbot) and Chloe (@shtpostscarcity)

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412: Gotta spend money to make money

Ryan and Kris talk about government bonds and read an article by Lanny Samuels or whatever his name is. World Bank guy.

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410: The Joker But He’s a Horny Shark

We are joined by Soy boi of the deep (@halfasstroknot) and Trew (@trewbot) to talk about deep sea mining, Gargantia of the Verdurous Planet, and Blue Submarine No. 6

We tried a new recording technology today to get multi-track remote recording and my audio sounds worse than usual and drops out at some points, but you should be able to fill stuff in.

Outro is 青の覚醒 from the Blue Submarine No. 6 soundtrack

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404: Socialism Not Found

In America, socialists burn calories in food so they don't starve. In Venezuela, capitalists burn stocks of food so socialists do starve!

This is the Venezuela ep.


  • Executive Order 13808 was instituted by Trump; Obama's sanction is 13692.
  • I was off on comparative advantage, the idea is that a country that is more efficient at producing every good still benefits from trading with a less efficient country. In other words, it's good to trade with poor countries even though they're less efficient at making stuff because they're poor and can't charge as much money for the same goods as a richer country.

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Monthly Review Article

306: How to Own Large Boats and Be Friends with Shipping Magnates

This seminar contains the secrets you need to own the largest shipping company in the world.

Danish Language Collapse

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Note: When I said "shipping networks were mainly used by states" I should have said "governments" and not "states".

305b: Buying Shares of a Colony, pt. 2

This'un's about the dang Dutch East India Company. We split it into two parts but we're releasing them simultaneously.

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Correction from @trillburne about whether the Batavian Republic happened before or after French invasion:

"Kind of in between. The Patriots rose up after it was already clear the stadhouder was defeated and republican troops were about to overrun the whole country, but before they had actually arrived in the Dutch heartland to occupy the country. it's probably more accurate to call the Batavian Revolution a response to the imminent success of the invasion rather than a response to the occupation"

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226: If marxism-communism is so great ,,

Why are there still monkeys around? This episode is about sanctions.