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224: Stark Still Sells Bombs

Pieter analyzed the politics & political economy of every MCU movie.

216: My Liege Academia

The new season of My Hero Academia is out now, so Pieter and Ryan discuss the show so far.

213: One Mob Psycho Punch Man 100

This is another anime episode. Here we take a look at the themes of two works from ONE, the hilarious One-Punch Man and incredibly wholesome Mob Psycho 100. Each features overpowered main characters, but explore substantially different themes.

Why Prequels Suck

Mob vs. Koyama, an exceptionally great example of an action sequence.

The Philosophy of One-Punch Man (video)

Subverted Trops in One-Punch man

204: Chakra vs. Super Soldier Serum

In this episode Ryan shouts over Pieter for 2 hours about how much more easily Batman (with planning) can defeat Son Goku with SSJ3. We were planning to do character comparisons of popular American heroes (and Sherlock Holmes) with popular anime heroes, but I will NEVER BACK DOWN, BATMAN WITH PLANNING CAN DEFEAT ANYONE.

13 Differences Between Western And Eastern Superheroes

What's The Difference Between Japanese and American Animation?

"I've Seen This Movie A Thousand Times" by James McMahon


107: Blade Runner 2049? More like Blade Runner 949.

We did no research at all for this one. We have a preview of the new season of Rick & Morty. We talk about the news, Elon Musk getting in trouble, Blade Runner 2049, 5 weird fringe theories, and probably some other shit. Outro music by DRIPKISS (