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307: 300,000 Tons of Candy

It's our Halloween special. We could have gotten into how Halloween was transformed into a candy holiday, but we've been working too hard lately. We talk about the current state of the Halloween business, holiday movies, and what a couple of friend-having Chads we are. Plus, a special surprise story at the end.

Note from Ryan: Before any of you try to own me I said "vaccine for it", not "vaccine fart", my Irish accent came through.

Show Notes

224: Stark Still Sells Bombs

Pieter analyzed the politics & political economy of every MCU movie.

212: The House of Mouse’s War on Netflix

Fairly well-known cartoon company Disney will be waging a brutal assault on Netflix in the coming years, destroying many, many planets. We discuss each corporation and make predictions on who will win and why. See show notes for links.

107: Blade Runner 2049? More like Blade Runner 949.

We did no research at all for this one. We have a preview of the new season of Rick & Morty. We talk about the news, Elon Musk getting in trouble, Blade Runner 2049, 5 weird fringe theories, and probably some other shit. Outro music by DRIPKISS (