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403: Going to Whole Foods to Buy Some Blood

News episode; topics: Ambrosia // WeWork scandal // the family that started the opioid crisis // the shutdown

Kris got robbed this week, donate to help him get back on his feet! 

225: Tesla Face-Ripping Rally

News ep 06/11/2018; we focus on stuff about cars and why they're bad. Also Elon Musk is a reptiloid.

220: The Invisible Reach Around

News ep: Teslol stock // General Magic // Grandmaster Spider // Good news about Volkswagen // Two Tesla-worshipping Nerds Slap Fight Over Trucks

209: Peeter da Bo$$ and A$$alt Ryfle rap about the new$

Adorable Billy Gates is adorably insulated from the reality of capitalism by the billions of dollars he has. Amazon is building Ancapistan one small business at a time. Pieter and Ryan discuss the correct classification of Pizza. There's some other stuff we talk about, okay I'm going to the bar now bye.

201: Looking Fondly Back at the Last 43 Decades

I meant for this to be automatically released on NYE, but I guess I forgot to update the code for my RSS feed.
We kick off the year and the second season by mocking the past year and making predictions about the upcoming one.
How the Slow Death of Labour Might Happen 

109: Puerto Musko

Pieter and Ryan discuss the Halloween strategy. Ryan absolutely nails a Trump impersonation, while Pieter's is just okay. Elon Musk gives his response to clear the air regarding the recent news cycle. We talk a bit about electoral politics, and top it off with a story about Ryan and Pieter's dream job, a ninja cat burglar. Outro music: Supreme Commander - Flip Flops