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308: The Secret to Immortality

In this professional business seminar you will learn all the insider secrets to achieve immortality from longtime immortal millionaires Ryan Salisbury and Kris Nivens!

Show notes

Topics: Types of businesses, dual power strategy, Berserk, the ethics of leftists doing M&A

234: Funding the DSA with Anarchist Pirate Crews (w/Reed)

Reed (@wingulls_r) joins us to talk about One Piece and anarchists with MBAs.

Cooperation Jackson

219: Adhocracy

Finally, one of the lost episodes of Neighbor Science that the listeners won't stop asking about. This one is about adhocracy. It didn't need a lot of editing and I was reading manga while listening so I think the main topic is that Pieter is making the argument that the Klan is bad but only because it's a bureaucracy? He talks about Klan culture a lot, so idk.

110: Lord Salisbury Loves Morrissey

Guest host Mike-o and Ryan discuss video games, local politics, and high school. Mike-o talks about Lord Salisbury and best libertarianism. I was off on the size of Lee's district; the last election had 17,000 votes. This one is going to have more, early ballot requests were double that of 2013. Morty Bookcheek FB page: