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708: Total (Sploshnaia) Collectivization (SLAS Ch. 6)

Ryan and Walk In discuss the CIA-sponsored chapter of Seeing Like a State.

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This is part 5 of a series. If you haven't listened to the previous 4 episodes I recommend listening to them first!

706: Major General Headmaster Foreman Lenin (SLAS Ch. 5)

Franz from Doomer v. Bloomer joins Ryan to talk about Seeing Like a State Chapter 5, which covers Lenin's school teacher/factory foreman/military general conception of revolution.

Check out the Srsly Wrong Book Club here!

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Production by Casino Socks

705: The Deeply Uncool Zone (SLAS Ch 3 & 4)

Ryan and Tura cover chapters 3 and 4 of Seeing Like a State by James Scott.

This is part of an ongoing series, I recommend listening to the previous episodes if you haven't already.

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Also check out Vida's extremely good talk on childhood trauma

704: Fredo, son of Fredo son of Fredo (SLAS Ch 2)

Chapter 2 of Seeing Like a State, with Sam (@mathmansam)

Show Notes

yungneothread on anti-semitism

Sam mentioned: Falguni Sheth, Towards a Political Philosophy of Race

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