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308: The Secret to Immortality

In this professional business seminar you will learn all the insider secrets to achieve immortality from longtime immortal millionaires Ryan Salisbury and Kris Nivens!

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Topics: Types of businesses, dual power strategy, Berserk, the ethics of leftists doing M&A

305a: Buying Shares of a Colony, pt. 1

This'un's about the dang Dutch East India Company. We split it into two parts but we're releasing them simultaneously.

Show notes

Correction from @trillburne about whether the Batavian Republic happened before or after French invasion:

"Kind of in between. The Patriots rose up after it was already clear the stadhouder was defeated and republican troops were about to overrun the whole country, but before they had actually arrived in the Dutch heartland to occupy the country. it's probably more accurate to call the Batavian Revolution a response to the imminent success of the invasion rather than a response to the occupation"

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