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512: This is a Robbery, Beach

Illegal mining/sand mining

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511: Turning into a Witch is a Voluntary Choice

Ryan and una (@trewbot) discuss Mahou Shojo Madoka Magica

510: Ecocommunist Utopia

Kris and Ryan do a little bit of imagining what an ecocommunist utopia might look like. Absolutely nothing wrong with that

509: Not Even Demon Slayers Can Afford to Live in the City!

Kris and Ryan talking about freaking political economy and freaking anime!

508b: Joke-o Wi-Dodo

Part 2 of our Indonesia episode, freed from the shackles of the paywall since it's an important subject

508a: Suharto Darkness

Kris walks us through a brief history of Indonesia as a background to the current unrest.

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Note, there are some audio issues with this episode, so your phone is fine.

Apologies to Alexander of Minion Death Cult for getting his name wrong!

503: Coffee with Neighbors [Unlocked]

Mel (@coldbrewedtool) from Coffee with Comrades joins us to talk about the history and political economy of the printing and publishing industry.

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507: This Book Would Be Better if Rick James Wrote It

The second of our series, on Superfreakonomics, with @yungneocon

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505b: Ordering Uber Eats from Hitler (ft. Grubstakers)

**This is part 2, if you haven't heard part 1 this will be weird for you**

Ryan and Kris are joined by Sean (@SeanMcCarthyCom), Yogi (@Yogi_Paliwal), and Andy (@andipalmur) of Grubstakers (@grubstakerspod) for an episode on the political economy of fascism.

Grubstakers is a podcast about billionaires which we highly recommend!

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