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109: Puerto Musko

Pieter and Ryan discuss the Halloween strategy. Ryan absolutely nails a Trump impersonation, while Pieter's is just okay. Elon Musk gives his response to clear the air regarding the recent news cycle. We talk a bit about electoral politics, and top it off with a story about Ryan and Pieter's dream job, a ninja cat burglar. Outro music: Supreme Commander - Flip Flops

108: Existence is Futile!

What are the more interesting things that could kill us all? Pieter and Ryan discuss super AIDS, dinosaurs that can't fuck, explosions in the sky, and running out of food. Follow Ryan @handle_of_ry, Pieter @neighb_scientst, and the show's Twitter @neighborscipod. Outro music: Ruin by Design - Decoys on Parade

107: Blade Runner 2049? More like Blade Runner 949.

We did no research at all for this one. We have a preview of the new season of Rick & Morty. We talk about the news, Elon Musk getting in trouble, Blade Runner 2049, 5 weird fringe theories, and probably some other shit. Outro music by DRIPKISS (

106: Slaves, but not exactly the bad kind (Energy Series Pt. 3)

The third part of our energy series. We talk about energy on the global industrial scale, artificial intelligence and sustainability, Jevons paradox, and low-tech. After the TED talk Ryan was able to ask Mr. Musk a question about his life, and Pieter gets another call from Mnuchin.

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