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205: Capitalism, Hierarchy, and Energy

We talk to Blair Fix, a graduate student at York University in Canada, about his fascinating research examining energy and hierarchy and the relationship between hierarchy and personal income. I sound tired in the intro because I was, but the interview was recorded on a different day, so I don't sound so much like a lazy slug in the rest of the episode.

Reading mentioned or referenced:

204: Chakra vs. Super Soldier Serum

In this episode Ryan shouts over Pieter for 2 hours about how much more easily Batman (with planning) can defeat Son Goku with SSJ3. We were planning to do character comparisons of popular American heroes (and Sherlock Holmes) with popular anime heroes, but I will NEVER BACK DOWN, BATMAN WITH PLANNING CAN DEFEAT ANYONE.

13 Differences Between Western And Eastern Superheroes

What's The Difference Between Japanese and American Animation?

"I've Seen This Movie A Thousand Times" by James McMahon


203: Jack Benzos, Boy Genius

In this episode we learn what's up with that crazy guy that owns Online WalMartâ„¢

The early life of Jeff Bezos

The Life of Jeff Bezos

The Inner Bezos

Josh and the Warshington Post

202: Industrial Ecology

Industrial ecology is the study of industrial systems through the lens of ecology. We go over a book that I've had on the subject for a while, and a few articles from the journal Industrial Ecology.

3D Printing and Industrial Ecology

The Ecolabel Fable

Adapting Stand-Alone Renewable Energy Technologies for the Circular Economy through Eco-Design and Recycling

Corals May Have a Taste for Dangerous Plastic

201: Looking Fondly Back at the Last 43 Decades

I meant for this to be automatically released on NYE, but I guess I forgot to update the code for my RSS feed.
We kick off the year and the second season by mocking the past year and making predictions about the upcoming one.
How the Slow Death of Labour Might Happen 

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