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214: Capital as Power 1: Why CasP/What is Capital?

The first of our Capital as Power (CasP) series, where we begin with why CasP is needed and how it defines capital. If there was anything that was unclear or that you think was incorrect, you can DM me @HandleOfRy.

Capital as Power by Shimshon Bichler and Jonathan Nitzan

213: One Mob Psycho Punch Man 100

This is another anime episode. Here we take a look at the themes of two works from ONE, the hilarious One-Punch Man and incredibly wholesome Mob Psycho 100. Each features overpowered main characters, but explore substantially different themes.

Why Prequels Suck

Mob vs. Koyama, an exceptionally great example of an action sequence.

The Philosophy of One-Punch Man (video)

Subverted Trops in One-Punch man

212: The House of Mouse’s War on Netflix

Fairly well-known cartoon company Disney will be waging a brutal assault on Netflix in the coming years, destroying many, many planets. We discuss each corporation and make predictions on who will win and why. See show notes for links.

211: The Firmest Episode Yet

Pieter and Ryan discuss some of the work of David Ellerman, a cool old guy who's smart and writes about capitalism being bad.

We prove with logic that Marxism is wrong, and Marxists who listen to this will be mad, owned, and melting down.

Small correction, I talked to Prof. Nitzan about whether government appropriations could be considered capital, and decided that 'appropriations' is already the more appropriate term.

Ellerman's blog on firmhood/human rentals*

Outro music: One Count of Mutiny by Employer, Employee. Even if you don't like fry vocals, crank this shit up, I promise it's good.

*Note (11/10/18): The old Abolish Human Rentals site seems to be down, but Ellerman has a much more comprehensive blog on his personal site that I have linked to instead.

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