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219: Adhocracy

Finally, one of the lost episodes of Neighbor Science that the listeners won't stop asking about. This one is about adhocracy. It didn't need a lot of editing and I was reading manga while listening so I think the main topic is that Pieter is making the argument that the Klan is bad but only because it's a bureaucracy? He talks about Klan culture a lot, so idk.

216: My Liege Academia

The new season of My Hero Academia is out now, so Pieter and Ryan discuss the show so far.

215: Mike Zuckerberg, who?

Befo' I came up in the game these hoes didn't show no love

They see me in the club and used to treat me like a scrub

They wouldn't holla cause my dollars wasn't swoll enough

I bet they change they mind when that 'Wagen come rollin up

They see that I'm a star, now they wanna live in my town

Now they wanna eat my cheese, ride my skis and sip my Crown now

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