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410: The Joker But He’s a Horny Shark

We are joined by Soy boi of the deep (@halfasstroknot) and Trew (@trewbot) to talk about deep sea mining, Gargantia of the Verdurous Planet, and Blue Submarine No. 6

We tried a new recording technology today to get multi-track remote recording and my audio sounds worse than usual and drops out at some points, but you should be able to fill stuff in.

Outro is 青の覚醒 from the Blue Submarine No. 6 soundtrack

Show Notes

Plan A/Neighbor Science Crossover: Do We Hang w/Yang Gang?

We join Teen (@mont_jiang) and Jay (@LithiumMano) from Escape from Plan A to talk about the president elect of memes and $1000 checks, Andrew Yang.

Show Notes

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