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704: Fredo, son of Fredo son of Fredo (SLAS Ch 2)

Chapter 2 of Seeing Like a State, with Sam (@mathmansam)

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yungneothread on anti-semitism

Sam mentioned: Falguni Sheth, Towards a Political Philosophy of Race

703: Whoops We Killed the Whole Forest, but Rationally (SLAS Ch 1)

Ryan and Nate (@theRadicleLeft) of the Works in Theory podcast kick off a series about Seeing Like a State by James C. Scott.

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702: YIMBYs and NIMBYs and All Kinda IMBYs!

Well, as it turns out I was not able to release this episode before a new COVID strain came out. Ah well. Nevertheless, this is about housing.

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701: Cyberjunk 2077

We are back for 2021!

Ryan, Emily (@minusplnp) and John (@ExJohnValdez) talk about the latest big blockbuster video game

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Resources to help trans people on Rainy TERF Island:

Petition to the BBC to stop platforming hate groups

Funding a legal challenge to anti-transgender court ruling

A charity fund for trans healthcare run by Emily's clinic

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