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617: A State That Forces Everyone to do Handicrafts, Pt. 1 (w/Samuel Miller McDonald & yungneocon)

This is a two-part episode. Part 2 will come out next week.

Samuel Miller McDonald (@sjmmcd) and yungneocon (@yungneocon) come on the show to critique several articles on degrowth

Samuel's Website

Be sure to check out Samuel's upcoming book: 

Articles we discuss in this episode (not just in this part):

John Cassidy's Article

Noah Smith's Article

Blogspot Article


Additional resources:

C4SS article on degrowth

Robin Hahnel article that attempts and fails to debunk degrowth (PDF)

yungneothread on degrowth

616: How Expensive was Roman Wal-Mart?

Solo episode. I talk about the Edict on Maximum Prices and Ancient Roman political economy.

Show Notes

615: Dunking on Sports Team Owners (w/Abdul Malik)

Abdul Malik (@socialistraptor) talks about the political economy & politics of sports (mostly basketball)

Sorry if the quality isn't as good as it usually is, I'm in bad shape and can't spend much longer on the computer than I have to.

Abdul's article on the sports strike

Abdul's Writing

Recommendations mentioned in the episode:

Hoop Dreams
Lenny Cooke
The Eagle Huntress
The Game is not a Game
Peace by Chocolate

613: Debaser (w/Stephen Geoffries & Andy Palmur)

Got me a study, I want you to know

Slicing up time, I want you to know

Paying infinite money the second time I want an expert to evaluate the composition of my coins, I want you to know

Don't know about you, but I am une savante néoclassique

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Isekai July 5: Drifters (w/Leslie Lee III)

Ryan and Kris are joined by Leslie Lee of Struggle Session to talk about a history-heavy isekai by the creator of Hellsing


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Isekai July 4: Rising of the Shield Hero (w/Trevor Beaulieu)

Ryan (@HandleOfRy) and T (@RickyRawls, Champagne Sharks) find out the woke Tumblr kiddos were right about this one, it's very bad. But also, somehow, good?

Check out the Champagne Sharks Youtube channel and be sure to subscribe to their podcast!


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Isekai July 3: Dr. Stone (w/Anark & Hermes the Magi)

Daniel (@apeirophobic) and Cheech (@hermesthemagi) join to talk about Dr. Stone and why Senku is an evil piece of shit

Anark on Youtube

Hermes the Magi on SoundCloud


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Isekai July 2: .hack//Sign (w/Abdul Malik)

Ryan (@handleOfRy) and Abdul (@SocialistRaptor) talk about the only isekai ever made about getting stuck in a video game. Spoiler: It's, surprisingly, extremely good.

Be sure to listen to Kino Lefter and check out Abdul's other work here

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Isekai July 1: The Saga of Tanya the Definitely Absolutely Evil (w/una)

To kick off Isekai July, una (@unaxiii) comes on to talk about one of their favorite series, Youjo Senki/The Saga of Tanya the Evil

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